Practice Areas

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Environmental Law and Litigation

I help business owners, commercial and industrial property owners, and homeowners with environmental contamination affecting soil and groundwater. I connect my clients with the experts who can help with characterizing the nature of the contamination and recommend remediation strategies, and I have experience litigating to help recover the costs of cleanup. I understand the insurance issues unique to environmental contamination, and have advocated for my clients on multiple fronts to regulators, third parties, and insurance carriers. As Pierce County, Thurston County, Kitsap County, and other areas begin to experience the type of growth formerly reserved for King County, “clean” properties are harder to come by.

I help my clients understand the risks of obtaining contaminated properties and develop strategies for moving forward.

Several of my clients generate or maintain dangerous wastes as part of their business operations. I help them understand the dangerous waste rules in Washington and prepare for regulatory changes that may affect their operations, and I work hard to defend them if enforcement officers allege violations of state laws and rules. I have developed good relationships with regulators, which allows me to seek amicable resolutions first.

I have experience with:

  • Phasing cleanup and property redevelopment
  • Mediating and litigating for cost allocation and cost recovery
  •  Submitting claims to insurance carriers
  • Responding to regulatory enforcement actions
  •  CERCLA, MTCA, RCRA, the state Dangerous Waste Regulations, and the Clean Water Act
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Land Use and Development

I assist developer and landowner clients with development permitting and appeals.

I understand how government processes work, and have developed relationships with local permitting staff to help get the job done. By understanding public policy issues, I can help find solutions to permitting problems. And while I believe amicable resolution is best for all involved, I zealously advocate for my clients in appeal and defense of appeal hearings.

I have experience with:

  • Assessment of regulatory compliance
  • Property zoning, use permits, and variances
  • Code language amendments
  • Environmental review associated with land use permits
  • Shoreline permits
  • Critical areas permits
  • Wetlands review and Section 404 permits
  • Stormwater and wastewater permits
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Property Disputes

Disputes with the neighbors can be one of the most frustrating, challenging experiences of community life. I help homeowners navigate the demoralizing, emotionally charged world of neighbor disputes. Where an amicable resolution is not an option, I vigorously advocate on behalf of my clients while remaining clear-eyed and objective about the risks and my client’s ultimate goals.

I have experience with:

  • Seeking and defending against claims of adverse possession
  • Encroachments
  • Boundary line issues
  • Nuisance properties and code violations


The laws governing marijuana cultivation and sales in Washington are wide-ranging, ever-changing, and confusing. My work in the cannabis world focuses on assisting retailers, producers, and processors with siting, zoning, and other land use issues. I also help producers and processors with our state’s evolving vested rights, water availability, and environmental laws. And because the regulations are evolving, I keep my clients apprised of changes and opportunities.

  • Retail
  • Production/Processing
  • Regulation
If you’re wondering whether I might be able to help you with your matter, contact me and we’ll set up a time for an appointment. If I can’t help you, I can direct you to one of my colleagues who can.